Fan-Made Film Makes Us Remember How Much We Miss Samurai Jack

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Genndy Tartakovsky's Samurai Jack was disputably one of the best cartoons to come from the early 2000's, and this fan-made short film made me realize how much I missed Jack's furrowed brow right before he vanquished an enemy.

Samurai Jack is based around a warrior-prince, Jack, from feudal Japan and his conflict with the demon, Aku. Jack and the demon fought many times, but before the final blow could be struck Aku opened a portal in time and transported Jack to a science fictional future where Aku ruled. Jack then set out on a journey to find a way back to his own time.

Unfortunately, the show was cancelled before Jack could find his way home. Tartakovsky has talked about releasing a feature length Samurai Jack film, but he hasn't been able to get any projects off the ground.

Thanks to avemagnadude, fans can see Jack in action over a decade later. The short fight sequence is a great tribute to the series. It captures almost all of the essence that was Samurai Jack.

Seeing this trailer has me remembering my childhood, watching Jack take apart some cowboy robots or learning to jump great heights with the help of jungle gorilla-like creatures. What do you guys think about the fan-made video? Did it leave you guys wanting more?