Fan Learns How To 'Play' Star Wars Music By Writing Math Equations With A Pencil

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Star Wars fans have heard Star Wars: A New Hope's Cantina Theme many times by now, but the latest version of the iconic music was produced by something you didn't expect: a pencil.

Star Wars fan who goes by the Twitter name d4niphantom recently learned that working on her math homework - writing out "x+4" with her pencil - sounded so much like The Cantina Theme. Then she learned the equation she need to write to mimic the rest of the song, using a pencil.


Watch it here:

Since the video was uploaded last week, the clip has accumulated 9 million views on Twitter, and 5.4 million on YouTube.

She also created an equation for the Imperial March, a.k.a. Darth Vader Theme, and I think the sounds are more noticeable in this video. Check it out:


Hopefully, these videos will inspire more Star Wars fans to write and solve math equations.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now showing in theaters.

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