Fan Edits Thor: Ragnarok Trailer To Make Its Tone Darker

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Last week, Marvel dropped the very first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. Mixing in great music and dollops of levity, the Guardians of the Galaxy-esque preview became Disney and Marvel’s most viewedtrailer after raking in 136 million views in just a single day.  

However, while many enjoyed the trailer and have been watching it over and over in hopes of having the film come out faster, it seems like a few fans didn’t really like the humor director Taika Waititi added to the Thor: Ragnarok preview.

A Marvel fan by the name of Unique FilmM on YouTube has just posted a darker version of the trailer that crops out all the jokes and replaces the Immigrant Song by Led Zepellin with a dramatic soundtrack. Check it out down here:

While Unique FilmM says that he doesn’t really claim his darker version to be better than the original trailer, his edit looks pretty good. The choice of soundtrack gives the preview a more dramatic cut and the fading transitions between clips helps to add to its dark tone. Still, it seems like most fans prefer the original Thor: Ragnarok trailer and its humor.

Let’s hope that Waititi gives fans heaps of it when Thor: Ragnarok sees release on November 3.

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