Fan Creates Real-Life Working Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk Using Microsoft HoloLens

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If you're a fan of the popular trading card game anime Yu-Gi-Oh!, you've probably wished that the real-life card game would be as exciting in the show. It would be awesome to see holographic monsters and spells interact than just simply playing cards. We still don't have the kind of technology to make that dream come true but thanks to recent virtual reality innovations and projects, it looks like we're getting closer.

YouTuber GeneralKidd has released a video showing the demo of a working Duel Disk for Microsoft's HoloLens. Sure, it's not as spectacular as the show, but it's a good start. Check it out: 

Here's the message from the developer: 

I dug out my old Yugioh duel disk and got it working with the HoloLens. The previous vuforia demo was updated to support the Yugioh Duel Disk now and it works pretty well. Not all cards are still recognized but I was surprised at how well it worked with the duel disk. Soon you'll have the option to duel with a duel disk just like in the show! Enjoy! 

This isn't the first time we've seen a demo like this. Back in July, we shared a video that shows a prototype of dueling with HoloLens. It will probably take a few more years to develop a more legit version of this idea but I'm glad to see people are aiming to make this happen. This could become as phenomenal as Pokemon Go