Fallout 76: Some Gameplay Features Won't Be Available at Launch

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It's a little hard to believe that Fallout 76 is already coming out this November, with many fans looking forward to the new game, despite the mixed reception to online play. Bethesda keeps pointing out how people can play however they want, whether it's with friends or by themselves. However, Todd Howard has confirmed that not every feature will be available at launch.

Speaking with Multiplayer.it, Howard not only re-emphasized the fact that the game can be played without social interaction but also confirmed that there will be servers in the future that lets players block out others for a full single-player experience. It will also give gamers the option to let others in if they choose to do so.

"Not at the launch. When you come into play you can see the other players but you will not be forced to interact with them; you can play on your own. You can see them but you do not have to fight them. Maybe you can use them to exchange items, to join a team, or you can visit their camp. There are a lot of things you can do with other players that is not a comparison with weapons. However, one of our long-term plans is to have servers where you can live your lonely world. You alone. Or at the limit where you can invite only your friends; or you can apply mods and change the rules at your discretion. All of this is in our projects but there will not be at the launch of the game."

Howard also said that the people in Bethesda are working on countermeasures to battle spawn killing. For those unaware, this is when players kill others and wait for them to respawn so that they can kill them again right away. It's really annoying and really brings out the worst in gamers, so knowing that they are trying to counter potential spammers is great.

"There are several tricks we are implementing to prevent the other players from doing exactly the things you describe. For example, at the moment you can not kill a player until he reaches level 5. Maybe we will change this rule, but we are aware of the risks because that stuff does not appeal to us either. But it does not scare us to try new things and leave the players the total freedom to fight at their discretion or to not do so if they are not interested."

This is the first time a Fallout game will feature any type of multiplayer, so fans are feeling understandably nervous. Hopefully, Fallout 76 will blow away expectations when it comes out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this November.

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