28 Mar 2018 4:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Falcon Star Anthony Mackie Says Avengers: Infinity War Doesn’t Have A Lead Character

Marvel might have gathered a lot of great heroes together to fight against Thanos and his Black Order in Avengers: Infinity War, but it looks like the superhero movie won't have a lead actor – well, except the Mad Titan himself that is.

Falcon actor Anthony Mackie recently spoke with Screen Rant about working on Infinity War and during the discussion, the Marvel star was asked about interacting with other characters in the Marvel franchise.

Though Mackie appreciates how there isn't a single superhero who serves as the lead as the film, the actor says that Infinity War's almost all about Thanos, the "uber bad guy" of Marvel.


"The great thing is that tonally, how the movie's working now everyone, it's not like you see one person who is the lead of the movie. It's truly and ensemble movie. I would say if anybody is the lead of the movie it's Thanos. And it's all of us working around, orbiting Thanos because he's such a big bad guy. He's the uber bad guy. He's the worst bad guy of all bad guys of all time. So you can't like put them in three scenes down, then a fight scene at the end. You really have to give them just due. So, our relationship and our scenes are more ensemble based. Everybody playing with a relationship with each other."

Seeing how there are more than 60 characters in Infinity War and Avengers 4, it's understandable how the Russo Brothers would rather spread the spotlight than focus on one central character. Except for Thanos who of course is the main villain in the film. It's going to be interesting seeing what we're going learn about the Mad Titan in the movie.

Avengers: Infinity War premieres April 27.

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