05 Jul 2019 3:06 PM +00:00 UTC

Fake Japanese Magic: The Gathering Alternate Art War of The Spark Planeswalkers Exposed

Magic: The Gathering fans are loving the Japanese alternate-art Planeswalker cards from War of the Spark but if you're thinking of buying or trading to get these cards, you may want to check out this report of fake cards shared online.

Over on Twitter, a reputable Japanese dealer has shared photos of fake alternate-art Japanese Planeswalker cards from War of the Spark, and they're mostly in foil. According to Redditor Homeyjojo, the dealer pointed out that the fake cards have thicker oracle text and there's more reflectivity on the text box, notably on the +1 loyalty symbols.

The Redditor also shared a comparison image of the real and fake ones on Imgur:

Fake Alt Art PW

Notice the difference of the foil star in the bottom right of the frame between them?

While these reports seem credible, it's unclear how many of these fake cards are in circulation, so if you're thinking of buying Japanese alt-art Planeswalker cards, check out the images above to help you determine which ones are real.

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