Ex Han Solo Directors Have Talked About Directing DCEU's The Flash

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The Flash is actually a pretty troubled production for the DCEU, what with a release date set for next year and two directors already bailing on the project. Directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller had penned a script for the movie, and as it turns out, they were also considering directing the project right after Rick Famuwiya leaving the director's chair.

According to The Wrap, Lord and Miller had met about possibly directing The Flash during the production hiatus of the Han Solo movie. With the recent news of them being fired by Lucasfilm from the project; some were already thinking that the pair was already considering exiting Han Solo during this meet-up with DC, but it's still unclear on whether that was the case.


As of now the frontrunner to direct the movie is Forrest Gump helmer Robert Zemeckis, but with Lord and Miller's former knowledge of the character already, it's probably the best decision to have them direct this movie instead.

With DC trying to pump out more ‘positive' and ‘light' films, Lord and Miller seem like the perfect match to try and bring some humor into The Flash. Some people have even considered that they both have a knack for making terrible-sounding movies great—such was the case of The Lego Movie and 21 Jumpstreet.

Will Lord and Miller start working on this instead? We'll just have to wait and see.

The Flash is set for a release March of next year, but with production troubles, that date could very well be moved soon. You can watch the Scarlet Speedster in Justice League coming this Nov. 17 though.

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