Ex-Han Solo Director Chris Miller Is Teasing A Big Reveal; Is It About Flashpoint?

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Before Phil Lord and Chris Miller went off to direct most of Solo: A Star Wars Story, they were said to have provided the story for the DCEU's standalone Flash movie. The duo have since been fired from Star Wars, but are they further involved with the upcoming Flashpoint?

Chris Miller posted this on his Twitter:

Everyone's immediate guess was that the tease has something to do with Flashpoint. With the movie seemingly undergoing development hell, a reveal for the film would be something that fans are due for. As of now, the only DCEU movie set to release in 2018 is Aquaman.


Based on rumors, the director at the top of the list of potentials is Robert Zemeckis, but I wouldn't be opposed to having Phil Lord and Chris Miller take over the project. Seeing as the Flash is one of the more light-hearted members of the Justice League, I think the duo is the perfect choice to direct the film.

Of course, this tease could be for something completely different, but you can't blame the fans for being optimistic. After yet another stumble with Justice League, a lot of fans are hopeful that the DCEU will pick itself up again soon.

No release date has been announced for DCEU's Flashpoint, but you can catch the Scarlet Speedster in Justice League.

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