Everything You Need to Know: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) Gameplay Reveal

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Everything You Need to Know: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) Gameplay Reveal
Credit: Activision

The official reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) is here, and on top of that, a ton of info about the game, once embargoed, is now live, courtesy of a ton of different influencers and media outlets playing the game behind closed doors getting ready for today's official reveal trailer. So, in this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II after its official gameplay reveal.

Modern Warfare II's Campaign

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Credit: Activision

There's going to be a return of the Modern Warfare (2019) take on tactical campaign action, alongside more traditional, action-packed sections, in Modern Warfare II. As rumored, this story is going to focus on the world of South American drug cartels and the early years of Taskforce 141.

Night vision missions will be returning in Modern Warfare II as well as swimming alongside underwater sections of missions. Water physics are supposed to be getting a major overhaul in Modern Warfare II, too, making swimming and underwater gameplay better than ever.

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Reportedly, missions in Modern Warfare II will span across the world from Brazil to Amsterdam and everywhere in-between, which is pretty much the expectation for a Call of Duty campaign. Vehicles (which appear to be something of a focus of Modern Warfare II, overhauling how they perform), car chases, and other action-packed mechanics and sequences will be in Modern Warfare II's campaign, too, as is expected.

Graphically, Modern Warfare II is running on an upgraded version of the beloved Modern Warfare (2019) engine, and reportedly, the game looks absolutely stunning on next-gen consoles, improving substantially on the already-beautiful Modern Warfare engine. Modern Warfare II is sure to be the best-looking CoD ever, if the Modern Warfare engine is anything to go off of.

The scale of Modern Warfare II's campaign is also quite ambitious with up to 300+ A.I. capable of being onscreen at once, and this technical feat reportedly extends to multiplayer and Warzone, too, so how this will work is unclear. A.I. is also getting a massive upgrade, supposedly being much more intelligent than ever before. What is clear, though, is that all the stops are coming out for Modern Warfare II's campaign.

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Plus, in general, if the campaign of Modern Warfare (2019) felt a bit too bleak for your taste, Modern Warfare II will still have lots of violence and action, as is traditional for the series, but it's going to focus more on the heroic actions of Taskforce 141, showing off the good guys doing good instead of the bad of Modern Warfare (2019), so the tone of the campaign will be different.

Modern Warfare II Gameplay and Multiplayer Information

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Credit: Activision

For starters, the Gunsmith is returning to Modern Warfare II, and what's more is that like Call of Duty: Vanguard, Modern Warfare II is reported to have 10 attachments on each gun too. This comes as something of a surprise since the 10 attachment system on Vanguard has had a mixed reception with all the problems for game balance the system creates.

There's also reported to be more of an RPG system to unlocking weapons, giving you more flexibility over what you unlock and when based on how much you use a particular gun. Plus, weapon stats, like in Vanguard and Cold War, are supposed to return in Modern Warfare II to an even more comprehensive extent than they were implemented in those two previous games.

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Water is supposed to be on a lot more multiplayer maps, and you'll be able to swim, interact with the water, and even drive vehicles on it. This is likely to be a more advanced implementation of the kind of water-based gameplay seen in Black Ops Cold War, which was relatively minor in the context of the larger game. Water is also going to be a complex simulation with rapids, currents, and the ability to move your character around.

A dive, like the dolphin dives of old Call of Duty games, is also returning to Modern Warfare II. It's not as extreme as the dives in old Call of Duty games, but it functions similarly to those. It's unclear if slide cancelling will be a feature of Modern Warfare II, but sliding will be making a return. There's also a mantling system somewhat like Apex Legends coming to Modern Warfare II.

Vehicles are being overhauled in Modern Warfare II. You can lean out of cars and look around to shoot, you can blow off doors of cars, you can hijack cars, and there will even be vehicle husks, as in the leftover remnants of destroyed vehicles left on the map. There'll also be a bigger variety of vehicles present in Modern Warfare II as opposed to Modern Warfare (2019).

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Ground War will be returning in Modern Warfare II alongside its trademark large maps. 6v6 maps in Modern Warfare II will be smaller and tighter than those in Modern Warfare (2019) with less climbing and verticality, which will be abundant in Ground War as well as in the game's DMZ mode, making them play more like traditional CoD maps.


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