ER’s Eriq La Salle Joins Wolverine 3 in Mystery Role, Here’s Who He Could Play

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15-year ER veteran Eriq La Salle is joining the cast of Wolverine 3 in a cryptic role, much like the rest of the details about the highly-anticipated movie.

This latest news about the film's casting comes from Variety. Just like Richard E. Grant's mysterious mad scientist character, other details about La Salle role is not known, sparking intrigue amongst fans about the film's plot.

Meanwhile, Cinema Blend has the perfect analysis as to which character La Salle is likely to portray. According to the site's theory, La Salle could play Wolverine's ally or "a sage figure of wisdom and knowledge" who could aid Hugh Jackman's character in defeating the villains in the film.


However, it's quite possible that the 53-year-old actor could play a doctor, especially since he has played one in ER for quite some time. The basis for this speculation is rumors of Wolverine 3 being inspired by Old Man Logan. This would mean the movie would require the appearance of multiple villains and one villain who's also a doctor is none other than Doctor Doom, who's seen on Mark Millar's original comic. This would be a plausible strategy for Fox whose Fantastic Four tanked at the box office. The studio would need a new Doctor Doom and La Salle could fit the bill.

Another character who has a potential appearance in Wolverine 3 is X-23.

What do you think of a Doctor Doom played by La Salle?

Wolverine 3 is slated for release on March 3, 2017, with shooting due to begin this month.