Epic Games Wants Apple to Free Fortnite With Familiar 1984 Commercial

It's billionaire company vs billionaire company vs billionaire company as Epic Games is now suing Apple and Google for removing Fortnite from their respective mobile stores after they announced a permanent discount for V-Bucks for those that pay directly to Epic. They basically dared Apple and Google to remove them from the App Store and Google Play respectively, now running a #FreeFortnite campaign to get these games back on mobile stores while keeping the option to get paid directly.

Epic Games has decided to use Apple's 1984 video against them by redoing it with their signature Fortnite characters. The video above is called Nineteen-Eighty-Fortnite, which is tongue-in-cheek enough, though the fact that they had a lawsuit and video ready once their games were removed shows that Epic Games was ready for this.

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Credit: Epic Games

One can't help but feel that this is a bit scummy since Epic clearly knew this was going to happen, though we do agree that Apple taking 30% off in-game purchases is too much. It reeks of marketing and publicity tactics, which was probably the plan, to begin with. Plus, it's not like Epic Games is a struggling game company since Fortnite makes a ton of money every day.

Still, Epic is getting what they want; publicity. It's cynical and even a bit cringe-inducing so if you're not comfortable siding with anyone, don't. Epic Games, Apple, and Google will keep making millions of dollars, while Fortnite is going to keep making money regardless.

Fortnite is free-to-play and can be purchased now for pretty much every game system out there.

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