Elodie Yung Thinks Alien’s Ellen Ripley Would Win In A Battle With Elektra

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The resurrected Elektra might be The Hand's ultimate weapon, but actress Elodie Yung thinks the mercenary would be no match for Sigourney Weaver's Alien character, Ripley.

Though Elektra became even more powerful after receiving new life as The Hand's Black Sky in the Marvel/Netflix superhero mash-up series The Defenders, Yung thinks that Alien's protagonist, Lieutenant First Class Ellen Ripley could actually beat the trained assassin.

In an interview with the actress, Screen Rant tries to suggest that Elektra would win in a match with Ripley. Yung, however, replies laughing, saying "I wouldn't dare say that. I have to disagree with you."

Yung has a lot of admiration for Weaver, and in the interview the actress admits that she got a lot of help from the legendary actress.

"I was very respectful of her – I have so much admiration for her because she's such an icon. In all my scenes with her, I was thinking, ‘Oh, I hope I don't mess this up.' But she just takes you into her world," the Marvel Netflix star explained. "She's generous and tries different things every single take. I remember our first big scene together and I struggling. I placed a lot of pressure on myself, but she just put me at ease and helped me all while staying in character. She's fantastic to work with and is just a lovely, lovely woman. I truly love her."

Yung's admiration for Weaver is certainly palpable in the series. As the leader of The Hand, Weaver's character Alexandra rules over the Black Sky, and for a while we see the resurrected assassin taking her master with so much ease.

The Defenders is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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