Elodie Yung Says Elektra Is A “Completely New Character” In The Defenders

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It looks like Elodie Yung's Elektra is going to do a three-sixty when Marvel TV's The Defenders premieres on Netflix this year.

Elektra might hop between friend and foe in Marvel TV's Daredevil series, but in the highly anticipated Marvel Netflix superhero mash-up miniseries, Elektra's going to come off as a "completely new character" molded and forged by Sigourney Weaver's Alexandra.

Speaking in an interview with Cinema Blend, Yung talks about the changes to Elektra in The Defenders:


"It was a great idea. I think they got really inspired by the comics. Elektra dies and comes back in a new outfit, and she's changed. It was a really cool and interesting thing to have Elektra again, just being a completely new character. Almost, because she doesn't remember anything. And so exploring kind of a new character was exciting for me. So this is where we start. And then Alexandra takes over this new Elektra and forges her the way she wants her to be, if that makes sense. So that's the start."

There hasn't been a lot of word about Alexandra, but seeing how she's pulling Elektra's strings this time around, it's likely that the mysterious character might actually have some times to The Hand. On another note, it's also probably going to be painful for Charlie Cox's Matt Murdok to see Electrika back from the dead, this time as a changed woman who probably won't have the same feelings for him like in Daredevil.

Let's see how things roll when The Defenders rolls out on Netflix on August 18.

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