Elementary Student Suspended After Putting Schoolmate In “Death Note”

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Most children take time learning how to keep their temper in check and though many would resort to fisticuffs and brawls, a few would rather express their anger by threatening others with their own "Death Note."

According to a report by WMC Action News 5, a young fourth grader at Grahamwood Elementary was suspended after threatening a schoolmate by putting her name on a "Death Note."


Shelby County Schools has been investigating the matter after a mother reported the incident to the administration, fearing for her daughter after a boy who had been harassing her for some time had "stopped her in the hall and said, ‘You're on my death list.'"

"She doesn't understand, how could someone want her dead?" Michelle Killough, the girl's mother said.

The teachers found the "Death Note" the boy had referred to in the math notebook of the boy on Wednesday, a matter which school officials explained came from the Death Note anime.

For those who aren't familiar with Death Note, the Japanese series centers around a supernatural notebook from the Shinigami Ryuk that allows users the ability to grant death to the people whose names are written in its pages.


The boy who had been suspended returned to class on Monday and continued harassing Killough's daughter. A Statement from Shelby County School has released a new statement reading:

"A Grahamwood Elementary student was recently disciplined for making threatening comments about students and staff members. The safety of students remains our top priority, and we take all threats very seriously. After investigating the matter, staff has determined this student poses no imminent threat to anyone in the school."

Arguably speaking, being listed down in a "Death Note" wouldn't really cause anyone harm, the boy's intention to hurt the Killough's daughter could lead to something more serious. Hopefully the school administration tries to find a better way of settling the matter.

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