17 Nov 2015 10:28 PM +00:00 UTC

Electronic Arts Releases Common Fixes For Star Wars Battlefront Issues

It's the official launch day of Star Wars Battlefront, and – not to my surprise at all – there are some players reporting technical issues. Many PC players who use two graphics cards are experiencing poor performance, joysticks aren't working, and some PS4 players are unable to play the game at all. Electronic Arts has published a chart providing fixes for some of these technical problems with the game and various platforms, but some of the "fixes" really aren't that helpful. For example, EA's workaround for the problem of joysticks not working is that "joysticks cannot be used." The chart specifies this as a problem for all platforms, not just PC.

Much of EA's advice simply suggests restarting the game or console if your game is freezing or multiplayer matchmaking is buggy. This is a fairly obvious thing to do, but it isn't a permanent solution. Still, launch day issues are common for high-profile games like Star Wars Battlefront, so I wouldn't be too alarmed if you are experiencing problems. The issues are usually resolved in time. And if it's any consolation, developer DICE's Battlefield 4 had much bigger bugs and problems when it launched.