23 Nov 2017 4:56 PM +00:00 UTC

Edgar Wright Was Congratulated By DreamWorks Head For His Work On 'Boss Baby'

With the release of Baby Driver this year, Edgar Wright has become one of the most-talked about directors in Hollywood. He did, however, have a fun run in at a party where someone thought he directed another movie that came out this year with the word ‘Baby' in the title.

Wright shares:

My year achieved a full and surreal circularity when at a party recently the current head of Dreamworks Animation congratulated me on the success of 'Boss Baby'.
— edgarwright (@edgarwright)
November 22, 2017

Wright also followed it up with, "I did quickly correct him to say 'That's your movie!' but it was too delicious a slip."

Wright has been getting a lot of praise with his works on the Cornetto Trilogy as well as movies like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but Baby Driver is what's turning heads for him this year. Wright has gotten above and beyond when it comes to his style, and everyone has been considering the movie to be the very first "action musical."

Sony has actually submitted Baby Driver for Oscar consideration, going into 12 categories which include Best Picture and Best Director. A nomination alone would give Wright a huge career boost. Impressive, counting for someone who's films are mostly (if not all) comedies.

We don't know how far Edgar Wright could ride this Baby Driver wave, but hopefully it'll lead to some impressive films from him in the future.

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