Eddie Redmayne Recounts Disastrous Star Wars Audition

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them star Eddie Redmayne auditioned for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it didn't go well, Uproxx reports. The assumption most people would make when they heard Redmayne auditioned for a part in this movie was that he was trying out for General Huxx. However, Redmayne said he went for a different part entirely.

According to Redmayne, he actually auditioned for the part of Kylo Ren, who was the antagonist of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. When asked if he auditioned for Hux, he replied, "No. So, I was going for, I think, for Adam Driver." Driver is the actor who wound up actually playing Kylo Ren.

Redmayne said the audition didn't go terribly well. " They gave me like a Star Trek scene – or like something from Pride and Prejudice. It was one of those films. With films that top secret, they don't give you the actual lines," he explained. " So they give you a scene from Pride and Prejudice, but then they tell you you're auditioning for the baddie. If you're me, you then put some ridiculous voice on."

Looking back on it, Redmayne finds it pretty funny. "That was really a hilarious moment. Because it was Nina Gold, who I have to thank a lot because she's cast me in several films. And she was just sitting there and I was trying again and again with different versions of my kind of "koohh paaaah" voice," he said, imitating the breathing sound Darth Vader makes. "And after like ten shots she's like, "You got anything else?" I was like, "No."

While he may not be in The Force Awakens, Redmayne will be appearing as the protagonist Newt Scamander in the Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie is premiering November 18.

I feel like Adam Driver is better suited to the role of Kylo Ren than Redmayne is, so that was probably a good casting decision. At least it gives Redmayne a fun story to tell. What do you think? Could you see Redmayne as a Star Wars villain?

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