EA Calls Star Wars Battlefront II Controversy A 'Learning Experience'

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It's fair to say that the backlash EA received for Star Wars Battlefront II will be etched in the annals of video game history. Due to high-priced characters and a flawed progression system, EA and DICE were forced to remove microtransactions from the game's launch. While they will soon be reimplemented, EA has made it clear that they have learned from the backlash.

During the company's investor's call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson admitted that the experience is something they would be learning from. The company wanted to make a shooter that lived up to the standards that Star Wars fans have, hence the single-player campaign and free DLC. However, the reliance on loot boxes and in-game currency killed a lot of fan interest, resulting in the game failing to meet their goal by US$1 million.

"This was definitely a learning opportunity. You'll remember that we brought three of our top studios together on this project, and the result was a massive game with a new Star Warsstory, space battles, and huge multiplayer variety."

While Wilson blamed the somewhat disappointing sales figure on the controversy, the CEO did praise its fans. During the conference, he expressed gratitude towards the fans for calling the company out on its faults. Fans can expect even more free updates for the game, along with the controversial return of microtransactions.

"We are fortunate to have such passionate players that will tell us when we get it right, and when we don't. We're now working hard on more updates that will meet the needs of our players, and we hope to bring these to the Battlefront IIcommunity in the months ahead."

Star Wars Battlefront II is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Via PlayStation Lifestyle

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