E3 2016: Nintendo Reveals Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Footage, New Characters and Game Mode

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Nintendo has revealed the first gameplay footage from Pokemon Sun and Moon during its E3 2016 Nitnendo Treehouse presentation today.

The footage begins with a young trainer beginning the game, traveling across the Alola region while several new Pokémon in the game are introduced. These include a honey badger-liek character called Yungoos and a cute woodpecker-like Pokémon named Pikipek.


The gameplay demo also gave a first glance at rival Hau battling with the player's trainer. There's also another "powerful" trainer named Hala.

According to producer Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori, Hala is among the most formidable and respected trainers in the island.

At the end of the demo, Nintendo also revealed a new game mode called Battle Royale, a multiplayer battle mode where four trainers are pitted against each other in one battle. First player to lose all his/her Pokémon loses.

Check out the Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay footage below:

Masuda and Ohmori also provided an in-depth description of the game.

According to them, the games are called Sun and Moon because of their representation of the source of life, with the Pokémon world being focused on the relationship to life and nature. They also explained that the new starter Pokémon Rowlet, Litten and Popplio are designed to look adorable in either stationary or mobile mode.

The gameplay was unscripted, which Nintendo pointed out as meaning anything could happen. No story details were revealed.


The games will be up for release on November 18.

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