Dwayne Johnson Finds Motivation in Marvel's Black Panther

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Marvel's Black Panther has been breaking records and inspiring fans who made its box office success possible, and that includes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who recently expressed how the film motivated him recently.

On his Instagram page, Johnson shared a video clip of himself in the gym. He talked about finding motivation on a Sunday morning after a long hard week.


"Alright, it's Sunday. Its just one of those Sundays where you're fatigued, you're tired, the work you handled all week, you've been taking care of your relationships, handling your business, taking care of your babies, taking care of your family," Johnson said. "But its leg day. Its Sunday and you got to push through and you go to kick that ass you got to finish the week strong because you start it all over again tomorrow. So I woke up thinking, ‘Okay, what's my inspiration?' And I need a little bit of motivation and I'm thinking and bang, I'm thinking about my daughters. Then I'm thinking about my lady at home who's carrying my third daughter. Hardest job in the world is being a mama. Then I think about the things that I need to accomplish."

Then Johnson pointed out his latest source of inspiration.

"But then I think about Black Panther kicking the $#!+ out of Jumanji at the box office," Johnson said. "That's all the motivation I need. Okay, that's it. So Wakanda forever. Okay, I know, I said that with a little too much mustard. I'm very proud of Ryan Coogler and the cast of Black Panther. Congratulations. So proud. Wakanda forever. That's all I need. Motivation enough."

The Rock should be proud that Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is still in the top ten at the box office after ten weeks, grossing over $387.2 million.

Marvel's Black Panther is now showing in theaters.

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