09 Sep 2015 8:09 PM +00:00 UTC

Dragon Con Sets New Attendance Record With Over 70,000 People

Photo credit: Brian McCormick

Last weekend, Epicstream was at this year's Dragon Con, the annual Labor Day gathering of the geeks in Atlanta, and I thought it was awesome seeing a bunch of fans come together for this epic event.

Dragon Con broke its attendance record this year with 70,000 attendees. The convention, best known for its cosplay gatherings, brought in 8,000 more guests this year compared to 2014's 62,000.

The convention also raised over $100,000 for the Lymphona Research Foundation during its 4-day weekend run. Dragon Con was awesome this year, and we're definitely planning to go again. Don't be surprised if Dragon Con breaks its own record again next year. Stay tuned for more Dragon Con coverage here at Epicstream.

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