Dragon Ball's Exclusive Flying Goku Pop is Reportedly Coming

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We already know that Funko will release a POP for Dragon Ball Super's Ultra Instinct Goku but it looks like the anime's protagonist is getting another one soon, and it will be an exclusive one for Gamestop.

According to Funko POP enthusiast Serlantops, Gamestop will have an exclusive Funko POP that features a flying version of Dragon Ball Z's Goku. While there's still no release date or image to show, and this hasn't been confirmed by Funko, Serlantops has a good track record when it comes to this kind of news.

We still don't know how the POP will portray Goku's flying ability but it will most likely use a propulsion effect. We'll keep you updated once we hear more information about it so stay tuned.

Goku will return in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, which comes out this December.

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