25 Mar 2018 3:08 PM +00:00 UTC

Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power Winner Makes A Satisfying Wish in The Finale

Warning: This article contains spoilers from episode 131 of Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super has reached its end (for now), and fans were surprised to see the winner and MVP of the Tournament of Power: Android 17! The android, who was created to kill Goku, was the last fighter standing in the Tournament of Power arena thanks to the epic teamwork between the last three Universe 7 fighters. After Goku and Frieza decided to settle their differences and eliminate Jiren (and themselves) from the tournament together, Android 17 was still on the stage, so he was declared the winner. As promised to the victor of the Tournament of Power, Android 17 was given a wish thanks to the Super Dragon Balls.

Android 17 wished to bring back all the universes that were previously erased. This was a predictable wish but it was satisfying to see them return nonetheless. Seeing Universe 11's Jiren and Toppo talk about fighting Goku again was an unforgettable moment. I was also glad to see Universe 6's Kabba, Kale, and Caulifa revived. Even the robots of that high-tech universe came back. This could open more story possibilities in the future of the franchise. We could finally see Cabba fulfill his promise to Vegeta.


It'll probably be at least a year wait before we see the franchise return again, but at least we're getting a new Dragon Ball Super film later this year, and it will focus on the origin of the Saiyans and Frieza.

The upcoming Dragon Ball Super film will be released this December.

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