Dragon Ball Super Title Confirms That Another Universe 7 Member Will Be Eliminated

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Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power is getting more serious as the competition's time is running out. Goku's Universe 7 team is doing well, with only three fighters eliminated from the team, but it looks like one more member will be taken out soon.

The titles and synopses for episodes 115 to 119 were recently shared, and fans translated them for the English-speakers. The title of episode 119 confirms that Goku is about to lose one of his teammates. Episode 119 is called A NewSacrifice fromUniverse 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious!!.


Twitter user Herms98 explained the translation for fans, pointing out that the member eliminated was a victim, not someone who sacrifices for the team.

Whoever it is, it's unlikely that the one who will sacrifice for the team is Goku, Vegeta, or Frieza.

Dragon Ball Super is set to air on Crunchyroll Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. CST. Toonami still airs the English dub of Dragon Ball Super on Adult Swim Saturdays at 11:30 p.m.

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