Dragon Ball Super Movie: First Looks at Vegeta, Beerus, and More

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For a while, the only confirmed characters for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super move were Goku and the mysterious new Saiyan he would be facing. Thanks to a new promo in Japan, we now have our first look at the updated designs for Vegeta, Beerus, Whis, and Piccolo. Admittedly, the status of the characters shown was never called into question outside of Piccolo but it is still good seeing them.

Calling these character designs "new" would be insulting to longtime fans since they are still the same ones from Super, minus a few subtle changes. However, we do see them in this new art style that the movie will be using and they all look great. Plus, seeing Goku and Vegeta in their regular Super Saiyan forms does bring back some nostalgic memories.


Admittedly, Beerus does look lankier than before and even has some new colors in his attire. This doesn't mean he will be turning evil of course but it is worth pointing out. Overall, seeing these character designs in action should be a treat if the previous teaser was anything to go by.

In other Dragon Ball news, a new anime project based on the Japanese Dragon Ball Heroes game is also being made. While it won't be canon with Super, it will be fun seeing all of these unique Heroes characters get together in animation.

The Dragon Ball Super movie comes out on December 14.


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