10 Jul 2017 6:50 AM +00:00 UTC

Dragon Ball Super Just Wiped Out An Entire Universe - and It Was Shocking

The stakes have never been so high in the universes of the Dragon Ball franchise, and the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super just showed us that Zen-Oh's threats are real. After Universe 9's team lost in the Tournament of Power, their universe was completely annhilated by Zen-Oh, and fans are shocked to see that the latest arc just revealed something so devastating in just the second episode of the new tournament.

The episode began with the Universe 9 team surrounding Goku, and although the heroic saiyan faltered against the onslaught, Universe 9 couldn't beat him when he transformed into a Super Saiyan and teamed up with Vegeta. The duo ultimately beat the Trio de Dangers and all of Universe 9 sidelined, and Zen-Oh didn't hold back when obliterating their universe.

As everyone watches in shock, including Beerus, the Angel of Universe 9 makes a sinister smirk, and Zen-Oh looks happy annhilating the first universe. Another 6 will be annhilated before the end of the tournament, so it looks like the remaining competitors will take their battles more seriously. You can watch the dark scene from Dragon Ball Super below:

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