Dragon Ball Fusions Trailer Shows Battles, Support Roles & Fusion Abilities

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The Nintendo 3DS is getting a new RPG Dragon Ball title thanks to Bandai Namco. Titled Dragon Ball Fusions, the game will make use of turn-based battle systems where they can command a party with up to five chibi-looking characters.

As per the trailer, seen below, the game allows players to fight alongside their nakamas. And that means being able to fuse characters thanks to the Fusion system.


It’s basically allowing fans to fuse any one of the characters so you can get the most powerful character in your roster (translation via Siliconera). Attacks follow a certain timeline, wherein they will fight according to their placement in line.

The system for battles seem easy enough to remember, as there will only be three commands. Basic attacks will either be Fight or Energy Ball. The former entails close-range attacks while the Energy Ball can manage multiple attacks. A Special Attack, as the name implies, deals a very powerful damaging attack.

Like in any games that involve creating parties, Dragon Ball Fusions also requires some sort of strategy and that means ensuring that you have all characters cover more or less the necessary skills needed for a balanced party. It’s a simple triangle of Power, Technique, and Speed, but since you’re fighting with up to five characters, don’t forget to get the right balance for each.



Check out the video above to see a demo of the gameplay. Dragon Ball Fusions will be released on Aug. 4 in Japan.

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