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Dragon Ball Fortnite Crossover Coming Soon Based on Leaks

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From the looks of it, a Dragon Ball and Fortnite crossover is coming soon, at least that’s based on several leaks that have come out over the past weeks.

While the crossover has been rumored since last year, we have yet to see new in-game assets such as skins or items.

Recently though, several known Fortnite leakers have released new information about the possible crossover with the iconic anime series.

The latest leak that we have was posted by HYPEX on Twitter yesterday. This leak mentions that the crossover will feature a “Stamina” item which will alter a player’s movement when used.

Though players won’t be able to ride animals or use geysers while the ability is active.

This “Stamina” item is possibly the Creative Stamina Prop that was added in a Fortnite update earlier this year. HYPEX spotted this prop earlier this month, and its shape looks almost exactly like a capsule from Dragon Ball.

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A closer look at the prop shows that it also features the Capsule Corp. logo in the middle, complete with the black and blue color scheme.

HYPEX isn’t the only leaker with info though as MidaRado on Twitter has also released new information over the past weeks. Among these is an emote that turns the skin into a Super Saiyan. Though there’s no info yet on how long this will last.

MidaRado also shared that a Kamehameha is going to be added in Fortnite as well, possibly as a mythic weapon or an ability.

Given all these leaks, it’s likely that the Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover will be big as it will possibly include not only skins but also consumables and weapons.

A Dragon Ball crossover shouldn’t come as much of a surprise for fans. After all, Fortnite has collaborated with other franchises.

Currently, Epic Games has yet to confirm the leaked Dragon Ball crossover.


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