Dragon Ball Fan Turns Hoverboard Into Goku's Flying Nimbus

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A Taiwan-based Dragon Ball fan/performer modded a run-of-the-mill hoverboard into the Flying Nimbus, the cloud that Goku flies around on like a magic carpet in the anime. He's known as Yes Man, and his YouTube channel is packed with a lot of imaginative videos of Power Rangers and League of Legends brought to life. 

Yes Man dressed up as Goku and moved around Taipei with his homemade cloud. You can watch him amaze kids in the video below. It's nice to hear the classic Dragon Ball intro that effectively brings the spirit of the Akira Toriyama's series to life. Watch it here: 


This isn't the first time we've seen someone turn a hoverboard into a Flying Nimbus. In last year's Dragon Con, we saw somene dressed up as Goku, hovering around the convention floors with his own flying Nimbus. 


And if you want to know how he turned the hoverboard into a cool anime prop and entertain us with classic Dragon Ball visual effects, you can check out the behind-the-scenes video below: