Dragon Ball: DC's Jim Lee Draws Son Goku For the First Time Ever

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Jim Lee has pretty much drawn every comic book character under the sun, from Wolverine to Batman, the artist has drawn them all. Fans always get excited when Lee is announced for a comic book project since it means we will be seeing some of his jaw-dropping art. It's a shame that he will never draw a manga since the artist just shared an image he made of Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

On his Twitter, Lee revealed that the image came from a live stream he did and it looks pretty good. The fact that it looks so different from Lee's signature style of drawing is impressive. It is nice seeing the artist experiment with his drawing style and seeing Super Saiyan Goku as his experiment is worth it.

Some fans probably wish Lee threw them a bone and had Goku take on Superman but beggars can't be choosers. We shouldn't expect a crossover between DC and Shonen Jump anytime soon but we'll always have videos from Screwattack.

Dragon Ball Super ended recently, though a new film is coming out this December. It will have a simultaneous release in Japan and the West, which should be great for everyone.

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