Dr Disrespect Says Valorant Will Be The Big Esports Game of the Future

Popular YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has shared why he thinks Valroant is well-positioned to be the big esports game of the future.

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Credit: Dr. Disrespect / Riot Games

Since its release last year, Riot Games' breakout competitive tactical shooter has taken the gaming world by storm in both general competition and content creation for FPS fans. Prominent players from other games have switched to Valorant, and it's clear that its esports dominance is just getting started.

Now, YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has explained why to his viewers why he believes Valorant is poised to dominate the future of esports. While talking with his viewers on his YouTube channel on March 5, a donation prompted Dr Disrespect to read a message from one of his viewers: "Just go play Valorant Doc, you'll have more fun than [playing] Warzone."

Although Doc has been playing Valorant in his streams before, he's also been streaming a lot of Call of Duty: Warzone games, but he confirmed how much he enjoys Riot's tactical shooter. "I love Valorant, I do really like the game."

He then explains, "Right now, the way I look at the entire [esports] landscape . . . I think Valorant is kinda the esports game of the future."

"It's gonna continue to get big," Dr Disrespect added. "People are taking notice, this is where all the hype comes in. There's just gonna be so much momentum," he confirmed, referencing the ongoing VCT Challengers 3 and upcoming Stage 1 Masters competitions.

Watch 34:30 mark of Doc's video to watch that part of the stream:

Dr Disrespect is right: Valorant's esports dominance will continue as the game expands with more maps and agents. It's not just the esports game of the future; Valorant's esports scene is already thriving in the present, and the online community has been growing largely thanks to popular streamers who have featured Riot's shooter in their streams. Many former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pros have already switched to Valorant, and former CS: GO pro and Twitch star Shroud (real name: Michael Grzesiek) explained why he prefers to play Riot's shooter over Valve's.

Another popular streamer, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, has also been playingValorant, and it's clear that content creators are loving Riot's tactical shooter. Pokimane has also been streaming Valorant, and shared her thoughts about the game in her stream.

Do you agree with Dr Disrespect? Do you think Valorant will be the big esports game of the future?

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