Doomsday Clock: Batman Makes A Shocking Discovery

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The fascinating exploitation of Watchmen continues with the latest Doomsday Clock image released by DC Comics. If Doctor Manhattan trading punches with Superman wasn't surprising enough, the image below will either excite or anger fans. Considering how iconic some of the imagery in Watchmen is, this shows that nothing is off limits in this event.

Spoilers in 3..2..1…


DC Comics has released some art that shows Batman reading Rorschach's journal. The image even has a quotation from the dead vigilante, saying "If reading this now, whether I am alive or dead, you will know the truth." Considering the information in the journal, it suggests that Doctor Manhattan isn't acting alone in this series. The mysterious Mister Oz will likely play a part, but fans are also expecting to see Ozymandias in some capacity.

(DC Comics)

Most fans that have read Watchmen know that the journal reveals how Ozymandias managed to achieve world peace by nuking new york, under the guise of an alien attack. While Manhattan did end up killing Rorschach to keep the peace, the journal did end in the hands of a news reporter, who may or may not have used it, due to the series' ambiguous ending. Now that it's in the hands of Batman, it will be interesting to see how integral it is to the story.

Doomsday Clock #1 arrives in comic stores on November 22. The series is being written by DCEU co-runner Geoff Johns and drawn by his regular collaborator Gary Frank. Prior to this, the two have worked together on Batman: Earth One, Superman: Secret Origin and the New 52 origin for Shazam.


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