DOOM Eternal Will Have More Post-Launch DLC Than DOOM 2016

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DOOM Eternal is looking to be the sequel fans have been begging for after consuming DOOM (2016). That first-person shooter gave fans one of the most action-packed gaming experiences they've had in years and the sequel is going to amp things up, even more, hence why fans are really looking forward to Eternal. The game is only a month away but it looks like fans already have plenty of post-game content to look forward to since Id Software has promised more DLC content than the 2016 reboot.

Speaking with Official Xbox Magazine (Via PlayStation Lifestyle), the game's Executive Producer Marty Stratton has stated that there are plans to make plenty of DOOM Eternal DLC, more than the 2016 game. Apparently, there are still plenty of players who play the 2016 reboot and they have wanted post-game DLC for quite some time.


Now, here's what Stratton had to say about the DOOM Eternal DLC:

Honestly, it's through demand that we're doing that. We see hundreds and hundreds of thousand players continuing to play Doom 2016, and we've got nothing [for them]. They've asked for more DLC, they've asked for more ways to play, and honestly we got straight into the development of Doom Eternal and haven't given them anything.

DLC was something that was frowned upon not too long ago but has become a lesser evil to gamers in recent years. Some games like Marvel's Spider-Man and The Last of Us have implemented DLC well, while others like Dead Rising 4 and Asura's Wrath did fans dirty by locking the true ending behind it. Hopefully, the DOOM Eternal DLC does right by everyone.

Fans will be able to purchase DOOM Eternal on March 20 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Nintendo Switch port will come at a later date.

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