Donkey Kong Solo Animated Movie Rumored to Be in the Works

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Recently, we learned that Illumination is working on a Super Mario Bros. animated film with Chris Pratt leading the voice cast as Mario. There were reports that it will be the start of a partnership between Illumination and Nintendo as they are setting up an animated movie franchise based on the video game company's IP.

According to Giant Freakin Robot, Illumination is currently developing a solo Donkey Kong animated film that would follow up the upcoming Super Mario Bros. film. They also reported that Seth Rogen has signed on to reprise the voice role of Donkey Kong. There are no details however if the other characters from the upcoming Super Mario Bros animated film will also be making an appearance, but it is likely that Fred Armisen's Cranky Kong might also be part of it.

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Donkey Kong has been a well-known video game character for decades now so there is viability on making an animated movie centering on him. Seth Rogen is also such an inspired choice to voice the character and a lot of people are actually excited and curious to see his take as the barrel-throwing ape. It will surely be going to be a hilarious one.

This also tells that perhaps Illumination is working on an animated Nintendo cinematic universe and you can't blame them since it has been a trend in movies nowadays. It wouldn't be surprising if they will end up making animated films that would center on characters such as Zelda and Kirby. But we can count out Pokemon since Warner Bros. released a live-action film based on the property two years ago and Netflix is also reportedly working on a live-action series.

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But the question now is the general audience interested in films based on Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong? We will never know until we get to see the Super Mario Bros. animated film that will be released on December 21, 2022.


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