Does Fantastic Four #2 Reunite [SPOILERS] With the Marvel Universe?

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It took a while but Marvel has finally reunited the Fantastic Four. You'd think that they would be together in the first issue of their new series but they actually reunited in the second issue, which came out last week. Interestingly enough, it might not just be Marvel's first family that got back together as the ending teases one loner mutant who has been keeping his distance until now.

Or so we think…

After the Griever at the End of All Things (yeesh, what a name) killed Molecule Man in Fantastic Four #2, it seemed like our reunited heroes would be in a lot of trouble. However, Reed Richards has decided to call in some reinforcements; every Marvel hero who has ever been a temporary member of the group.

(Marvel Comics/Sara Pichelli)


Including Wolverine. That's right, the character who has been wandering off to mysterious places and seemingly avoiding everyone he can has suddenly reappeared here. None of the other characters are remotely surprised that he is appearing with them, which can only mean two things; this either takes place after The Return of Wolverine or these are just false images being used to full Griever.

Expect it to be the latter.


Logan's motivations could be revealed during this week's Return of Wolverine #1, so it's doubtful that this would be his first reunion with the Marvel universe. He did meet Loki during Infinity Countdown but that character's a villain and no one wants to see Logan reunited with him, unless claws to the face are involved.

With Fantastic Four #3 having a cover that features every previous member of the group, one has to wonder how much of a bait and switch this will be. Granted, people would love to see Reed and Sue interact with characters who have missed them but it's doubtful that we'll see that moment this early.

Fantastic Four #2 is now available in comic book stores.


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