Doctor Who’s Versatile Sonic Screwdriver Gets Added Into Oxford Dictionary

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Along with the Tardis, the sonic screwdriver has always been one of The Doctor's most important tools in BBC's classic science-fiction television series, Doctor Who. Also called the sonic probe, the screwdiver is a immensely versatile tool that can undo security codes, unlock doors, re-attach barbed wire, melt plastic vines, lighting candles, operate cash machines, and do almost anything.

Now, to honor the premiere of the tenth season of Doctor Who last Saturday, Oxford Dictionaries has just added The Doctor's iconic screwdriver to the new edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. In a post on the OxfordWords blog, the Oxford University Press's descriptive dictionary writes:


" As well as showing you the whole of the past (and much of the present) of the English language, the OED can now give you a glimpse into its own future, when another of Doctor Who's most iconic contributions to science fiction and British culture will be joining the Dictionary's existing entries for TARDIS, Dalek, and Cyberman: the Doctor's multipurpose tool and get-out-of-jail-free card: the sonic screwdriver.

Although the revised, third-edition text of the OED entry for sonic adj. won't be published until June, we can travel forward in time to take a sneak peek at this Whovian entry ahead of Doctor Who's series 10 premiere, ‘The Pilot.'"

sonic screwdriver added to oxford dictionary
— yoodadude (@yoodadude)
April 17, 2017

Following other Doctor Who-based words like Cyberman, Dalek and Tardis in the Oxford English Dictionary, the acceptance of the sonic screw driver is a great way to celebrate Peter Capaldi's last season as BBC's 12th Time Lord.


Doctor Who series 10 is to air its second episode, "Smile" this Saturday, April 22 at 7:20 pm on BBC One.

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