Doctor Who’s Capaldi May Regenerate Into the 13th Time Lady

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A lot of fans lost it when they learned that Kris Marshall will be replacing Peter Capaldi as the Time Lord in Doctor Who once he starts with his regeneration. Now that this is nearing following confirmation that this is the last season for Capaldi, the hunt for the next Doctor is becoming a very hot topic for long-time fans of the series.

While previous reports have supposedly debunked any possibility that the next Time Lord will be a woman, a new source (via Nerdist) claims that this isn't the case.

According to a source who's supposedly close to the production, it may become a Time Lady in the form of Michaela Coel. Of course, this is still very much a rumor as BBC hasn't even confirmed any casting taking place for series 11.


The biggest risk for this is the resistance that some people will have with a big change such as this.

Considering the big backlash with Marshall's possible casting, perhaps this would be a different take on Doctor Who? It's not really that big of a jump, since the production has started to seed the idea that Time Lords are not bound by gender or race. Others have seen transformations and incarnations into different "vessels" anyway.

How would you feel about this possible casting?

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