12 Mar 2018 9:58 AM +00:00 UTC

Doctor Who Actor HATED Being In Thor: The Dark World

Most people think working on a Marvel film would be the role of a lifetime since the studio is currently one of the most profitable and acclaimed. That isn't always the case since there have been several disgruntled actors who haven't had a positive experience. Even mainstays like Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. have talked about their difficulties.

However, it seems like no one's bad experience can compare to Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston, who played Malekith in Thor: The Dark World. While the film had decent reviews and made a ton of money, Eccleston's Malekith is often considered the worst villain in the entire MCU.

Speaking with The Guardian, Eccleston said playing as Malekith in The Dark World was equal to having a gun in his mouth. However, he said his role in GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra was even worse, stating that he wanted to cut his throat every day. Oddly enough, he did enjoy being in Gone in 60 Seconds and even complimented co-star Nicholas Cage.

"Working on something like GI Joe was horrendous. I just wanted to cut my throat every day. And Thor? Just a gun in your mouth. Gone in 60 Seconds was a good experience. Nic Cage is a gentleman and fantastic actor. But GI Joe and Thor were … I really paid for being a whore those times."

It's hard to blame Eccleston since Thor: The Dark World is easily in the lowest tier of MCU films. While slightly better than the Iron Man sequels and The Incredible Hulk, it's the textbook definition of a typical Marvel film. Thank Odin that Thor: Ragnarok was such a good time.

Thor will be appearing again in Avengers: Infinity War, which comes out on April 27.

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