Doctor Strange’s Mads Mikkelsen Explores Kaecilius’s Complexity

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There has been some talk about Marvel's weak villains being the only major flaw in its cinematic franchise. However, that may not be easily said of Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecilius, the rogue sorcerer in Doctor Strange.

In many ways, this villain has layers that are not necessarily self-serving, but are ultimately human and non-self-righteous, compared to others. And this is complexity is something that the actor understands and appreciate about his character.


Speaking to IGN, Mikkelsen revealed that Kaecilius is no longer following the old template of villains that don't have a goal to their actions.

"They have to have a point, and they have to make sense, and he is right. I mean, eternal life? Life without pain and suffering for everyone? What's not to like, and why should she [The Ancient One] be the only one having it? It's a valid question, and when it's a valid question, it also gives our hero something to think about. It gives him a dilemma."

Perhaps this is also why the scene where he defeats The Ancient One with his own hands becomes so poignant to Kaecilius. Instead of overthrowing "good," Mikkelsen shared that his character was operating on disappointment for his previous healer and teacher.

As he aptly describes it, what he had for her was a "love-hate relationship" culminating in that kill scene.

While Kaecilius is no longer of this earth—or rather, dimension—Mikkelsen is also still interested in any chance that his character's background story may be explored. And though he is quick to point out that this may not happen in any of the succeeding Doctor Strange films, what we do think is that his non-death scene may still give Marvel a chance to bring back this interesting villain.

Doctor Strange will be out on Digital HD on Feb.14, while its Blu-ray and DVD will follow on Feb. 28.

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