Doctor Strange TV Spot Shows Time-Bending to Bend Your Mind

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Marvel has already shown the funnier and lighter side to Doctor Strange. There have also been a couple of TV spots and clips showing the power that the Sorcerer Supreme will be yielding.

Now a new TV spot is delving into a power that hints at another speculation: time-bending. Aptly titled Rewind, the new TV spot shows what appears to be the clip played backwards, with scenes showing a lot of rewinding and slowing down.

Even Marvel's teaser over at Twitter tries to bend your mind—or at least your head—upside down to get a message across.

Of course, given the very obvious manipulation of time, fans are quick to go back to an old theory that was previously debunked: that the Eye of Agamotto is really the Time Gem.

One Twitter fan, @SarcasticRobin had commented:

"How to confirm the time stone is in Doctor Strange without being direct."

A lot more other fans have mentioned the Time Stone in one way or another, either asking about its presence or exclaiming that it may indeed be another Infinity Stone to expand the MCU.

Of course, that's pretty much speculation at this point. For fans who want to see how the video is shown when played backwards (or otherwise in the correct order), Twitter user @TomSullyMan has the video seen below.

What do you think of the new Doctor Strange spot?


Doctor Strange will be out in theaters on Nov. 4

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