Doctor Strange Proves That It Pays to Plan Out Movies

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The comic book world is a pretty big universe. Both DC and Marvel can attest to that, with their relatively sprawling collection of fighters and villains. In other words, it's not hard to expand the current roster of DC films and MCU.

However, not everyone can find that sweet spot of interesting focal points and inclusion of several heroes. Somehow, Marvel has managed that, as we can very well see in Doctor Strange.

Marvel's Kevin Feige took to Toronto Sun to share how the studio had planned Stephen Strange's introduction into the MCU and how his stay will affect the next films.

First up, it seems that Doctor Strange was not even in the lineup when the Marvel Grand Plan started. For Feige and the studio, it was all about putting Iron Man on the map and somehow ending up with the Avengers.

Once the first cumulative movie was shown in 2012, that's when Doctor Strange stepped into the drawing board.

"We knew very early on we couldn't keep repeating ourselves. We had a lot of characters, we wanted to make a lot of movies for a long time, and the only way we believe you can do that is by surprising people and by taking unique chances and making unique choices."

Once it was decided that he will be part of the cast, it was also the time that the studio started charting how the storylines for existing and new characters can play out.

One other great decision that Marvel made with Doctor Strange is to focus on his storyline. Since not a lot of people know his origin story before he came into the picture, putting it as the focus gave viewers a better anchor on where he will be in the MCU.

According to Feige, this was the reason why Doctor Strange's inclusion into the MCU wasn't visible until Thor stepped in with that pint of beer.

So far, Marvel seems to be ticking off every comic book and movie fan's wish list in delivering great superhero movies. We're promised more with the eight films in the pipeline, with next year's Guardians of the Galaxy 2 now on viewer's radar for its April 25, 2017 theatrical release.

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