30 May 2016 6:52 PM +00:00 UTC

Doc Savage: Dwayne Johnson Confirms He'll Play 'Weirdo' Superhero

Dwayne "The Rock Johnson is set to play the title role in director Shane Black's Doc Savage movie.

The Fast and Furious star confirmed via Instagram that he'll be playing Clark "Doc" Savage in the film written by Jekyll writer Chuck Mondry and The Nice Guys writer Anthony Bagarozzi. Johnson met with them this weekend to collaborate on the "very cool project".

Johnson also shared some history on the character, writing that Doc Savage was the original inspiration for Superman. "First name Clark, called 'Man of Bronze,' retreats to his 'Fortress of Solitude' in the Arctic," he wrote. "Doc was physically and mentally trained from birth by his father and a team of scientists to become the perfect human specimen."

But the number reason he wants to play Doc Savage is because he's a "f--king hilarious weirdo."