DMG Entertainment Buys Valiant Comics

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Valiant is arguably the third most popular comic book publisher in the United States, so it's surprising to know that the company has been purchased by DMG Entertainment. Involved with movies like Looper, DMG is hoping to make the publisher's characters more popular by bringing them to media platforms outside of comics. The move is an interesting one, to say the least, and adds some stiff competition to the current superhero-filled climate.

Revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, DMG founder, and CEO Dan Mintz plans to expand the Valiant property to movies and television while leaving the current publishing duties as is. DMG had already owned 57% of the publisher but now the company owns it completely. He feels that the current batch of Valiant comic books is fine, so he will be working on making the various characters more popular.

That's not to say major changes haven't been made to Valiant as a company. Dinesh Shamdasani, the CEO of Valiant, will be transitioning out of the publisher. No particular reason was given, though it might have been part of the acquisition deal.

Interestingly enough, Mintz is hoping to bring some of the comic book writers on board for the film/tv adaptations of these characters:

"You can expect more strong storytelling with a defined road to other platforms. I'm also looking forward to bringing the writers close to the filmmaking process, which is something that is also important, and not keeping them siloed into the comic book area."

Sony currently has a deal to make some films based on Valiant properties, starting with Bloodshot. Rumor has it that Sony wants Vin Diesel to play the role, conflicting with previous reports that the studio wanted Jared Leto. How DMG will be involved with this should be quite interesting.

Valiant is home to a number of comics like X-O Manowar, Archer and Armstrong, Faith, Ninjak, Harbinger, and so much more.

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