Disney’s Streaming Platform Needs At Least 32 Million Subscribers Just To Break Even

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Netizens weren't too happy when Disney decided to finalize its decision to pull out its Marvel and Star Wars films from Netflix so that it could add the material to its own streaming platform next year.

TFans of both franchises were irritated that the Mickey Mouse House would push its money making agenda by attempting to rival with Netflix instead of adding its films to the streaming platform.

After hearing Disney's announcement earlier this week, many started declaring that they had no intention of subscribing to Disney's streaming service, saying that they they'd just stick with Netflix instead.


This certainly won't help Disney who needs a bucketload of subscribers for its platform. According to the Business Insider, financial services company UBS has just analyzed the number of subscribers that Disney needs to keep its platform, and apparently the Mickey Mouse House would need at least 32 million just to break even.

Right now Netflix has more than 50 million subscribers in the US, but it took the company years to build up its site and its offerings. Sure, Disney might be planning to produce "four or five original films" and an "equal number of original series and TV movies" for its upcoming site, however it'll definitely take a long time for its streaming service to gain more than half of the number of Netflix's U.S. subscribers.

It's definitely going to be a challenge for Disney, especially after fans have reacted rather negatively towards the company's attempt at creating its own streaming platform. Let's see whether things work out for the Mickey Mouse House.

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