Disney/Fox Deal Could Be Finalized Next Week

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Fox is once again up for grabs, and it looks like Disney is the one who could very well win the acquisition. Apparently, negotiations are going faster than expected, and a deal could be finalized by next week.

According to CNBC, Disney could be looking to acquire Fox with more than $60 billion. It has been reported before that Fox had been leaning more toward selling to Disney, what with competition Comcast and Sony left in the dust. Though this deal going down next week isn't certain, we could be looking at some big announcement sometime soon.

One of the biggest takeaways from this is the fact that Marvel Studios may be able to get its rights to the X-Men back. Say what you will about DC, but at least the DCEU owns all their characters. With the Disney/Fox deal, we could be looking at a completed MCU—that is if you discount the likes of Sony's Spider-Man villains like Venom, Black Cat, and Silver Sable.


The acquisition just doesn't affect Marvel either. Since 20th Century Fox holds the rights to the original Star Wars trilogy, we could have an official release of the unaltered original movies—something that fans have been clamoring about for ages. Maybe we can even have the original Fox fanfare returning to the opening of Star Wars.

Way it looks, things could definitely go down soon, but let's not get too hasty with our "celebration." Sure it's good news for family-friendly franchises like Marvel and Star Wars, but what about the more adult elements of Fox Entertainment? I wouldn't want Deadpool neutered into PG-13 territory.

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