Disney Might Be Negotiating To Purchase 21st Century Fox

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Disney's a massive franchise, but it looks like the company's eager to grow bigger again, hoping to eat up most of the competition by buying 21st Century Fox.

According to CNBC, the Walt Disney has been having talks with 21st Century Fox in an effort to purchase out most of the company. Apparently, the studio has been open to engage in sale talks with the Mickey Mouse House because of senior management's growing theory that media scale is an important direction for the company, and that 21st Century Fox shouldn't be afraid of heading towards that direction through acquisition.

The X-Men studio house has reportedly been said to believe that a "tightly focused group of properties around news and sports" would be still be able to survive in the media marketplace, and that the rest of the studio should just head off to Disney.

For Disney, acquiring 21st Century Fox is another bold and productive move that would help it grow as one of the leading studios in the Hollywood Industry. Not only would it give back the X-Men but it would help fix over the film rights issues that block the use of popular Marvel characters like Logan and Deadpool.

However, while it might sound like an exciting idea for Marvel fans, it seems like both studios have ceased negotiations for the time being. The entire conversation has been an on again and off again affar, and it seems like there might be no guarantee that Disney and 21st Century Fox will seal the deal. Let's just wait and see what happens next.

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