Disney is Making A Live-Action Movie About Snow White's Sister, Rose Red

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Art by Don dos Santo

It looks like the American cinema isn't tired of Snow White; a few years ago, we saw Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror Mirror. Then, a prequel to one of those, The Huntsman: The Winter's War will be released in theaters in less than a month. Now, Disney is developing a live-action film about Snow White's sister, Rose Red, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Here's the synopsis:

The story is a revisionist take that transposes Rose Red into theSnow Whitetale, making her a key player in the later moments of the classic story. When Snow White takes a bite from the iconic poison apple and falls into her Sleeping Death, her estranged sister, Rose Red, must undertake a dangerous quest with Grumpy and the other dwarfs to find a way to break the curse and bring Snow White back to life.

The screenplay was originally written by Justin Mertz, but Snow White and The Huntsman writer Evean Daugherty revise it into something closer to the Disney animated movie.

There's no word yet on who will play Rose Red, but I hope Alicia Vikander will be in the movie (though it's strange picturing her with red hair). This movie seems to aim the young female demographic who love watching Young-Adult films like The Hunger Games; After all, Daugherty wrote Divergent, but it seems that this is one of those films that would end up being mediocre. I just hope that Disney would focus more on making new and original live-action fairy tales instead of remaking another classic.

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