16 Nov 2017 2:29 PM +00:00 UTC

Disney Ends Partnership With Gazillion, Shuts Down Marvel Heroes

Disney has ended their relationship with Gazillion Entertainment, and as a result, Marvel Heroes has now been shut down. The popular online game was often referred to as Marvel Diablo and managed to garner a decent following, so it's a shame that it will no longer be active. Fans are now wondering what other games Marvel has planned now that this one has gone down.

The free-to-play MMO came out on PC in 2013, giving players a massive Marvel playground to explore. Players could control their favorite heroes - assuming they bought them - as they take on story missions and team up with others that were playing the game. It was also filled with a number of outfits from the comics and movies, making it the ultimate Marvel experience at the time.

What makes the shutdown shocking is the fact that the game had just come to consoles and rebranded itself as Marvel Heroes Omega. Most of the characters remained intact, though there was some controversy over the removal of the Fantastic Four. Marvel's first family never made it to consoles and were removed from PC recently, along with any Fantastic Four-related outfits that belonged to characters like Spider-Man.

Marvel Heroes will shut down on December 31. Gazillion has removed the ability to buy any of the game's items.

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