Disney Had Reportedly Been “Impressed” By Chris Miller and Phil Lord’s Han Solo Sizzle Reel

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There was quite an uproar in the Star Wars community when Lucasfilm had announced that it had fired Han Solo directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller after it decided that the "creative differences" between the two filmmakers and the studio had become too unbearable.

Though things have started to settle now that Lucasfilm has Award-winning director Ron Howard to take Lord and Miller's place in the Han Solo production, new reports reveal that Disney executives had actually enjoyed a sizzle reel of the Star Wars spinoff that was presented to them by the directorial duo a while back.

According to a report by Star Wars News Net, Miller and Lord had presented Disney licensees a sizzle reel of Han Solo back in May and it turns out that reviews had been extremely positive. Alden Ehrenreich's performance as Han Solo and Donald Glover's version of Lando Calrissian had been highlights of the reel.

This bit comes a few days after THR revealed that Lord and Miller weren't directing Ehrenreich that well, so much so that the studio had to have an acting coach brought on to set to help the Hail! Caesar star. Though the two stories seem to contradict one another, it's also possible that Disney had actually liked Ehrenreich's interpretation of the iconic smuggler and had just wanted the actor to work on certain aspects of his performance and stay in line with Harrison Ford's version of Han Solo. We hope that that's the case, that way Star Wars fans can finally rest easy.

Han Solo makes its way to the big screen on May 25, 2018.

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